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South Dakota Plate & Title Service

Register any US titled vehicle in South Dakota without residency! Save Money!

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Call Us Today for an Appointment!
+1-858-371-3169 or +52-646-596-2680

Quick Processing Time! - Priority Mailing and Money Orders Available

South Dakota offers low cost vehicle registration with no smog certificate or residency required! No excise taxes. (Typically 50% the cost of California registration)



  • Must have paper title in your possession

  • Must have a valid US drivers license (any state)

  • Must have a valid US Social Security Card

Contact us today to set up an appointment to register your vehicle in South Dakota. (+1) 858-371-3169 or (+52) 646-596-2680 or Email

Processing Fee: $65.00 usd


South Dakota Plates are Completely Legal in México

The process is quick and easy! - Save Money!

Contact us Today! (+1) 858-371-3169 or (+52) 646-596-2680 or Email for an appointment.

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