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Mail Forwarding & Scanning Plans

Available Now

Electronic Mail Scanning

$35 usd Month

We receive and open your mail, then scan the envelope, contents and documents into our secure password protected database. We then forward a secure password protected PDF document to your e-mail weekly. We store all physical documents for 30 days before shredding.
Up to 100 pieces per month.
Mail forwarding available for select documents for a fee, plus shipping costs.

Direct Mail Forwarding

$50 usd Month

We receive, prepare and forward your mail directly to your residence or office within Mexico. *Price is for continental Mexico and may be more for remote areas. Up to 2.2lbs or 1kg per month.
Additional fee for more weight. Applies to letters, parcels and general mail. Mail sent once per month.
A $35 fee for each additional mailing.

Packages & Forwarding

Call for a Quote

Must be member of our service to have packages forwarded. Mexico has very restrictive rules regarding the importation of goods and shipping of those goods. For rules regarding package importation and restrictions please visit SAT Aduanas website.
For a quote, please call our office to speak to an agent directly at: (+52) 646-596-2680

Receive your mail wherever in Mexico & the U.S.A.


US Mail Forwarding and Scanning

Don't live close to one of our offices? No problem! We can forward your mail directly to you!

Step 1: Set up a Mailbox

First, you will need to signup for mailbox service with our office. 
This step can be completed remotely with e-sign documents. You will need two (2) forms of valid photo ID. Once completed, you will receive an actual US (San Diego) mailing address, not a PO Box. 
You can check the plans available here.


Step 2: Mail Processing 

Once your mailbox subscription is activated, we will receive your mail at our San Diego address and transport it to our Ensenada office for sorting and/or scanning.
For direct delivery, the mail will be sorted and combined into one package for forwarding. We utilize DHL, FedEx, Estafeta to physically deliver the mail directly to your home or business within Mexico.
For mail scanning we will open your mail and scan it into a secure system to be sent electronically. 

Step 3: Delivery Options

You may choose how often and fast you want your mail forwarded to your residence or office in Mexico; or you may  choose to have your mail electronically scanned and sent to your e-mail via password protection.
Options include:

  • Daily,

  • Weekly, 

  • 2 times a month,

  • Monthly.

For important documents or packages we can usually expediate them in as quick as 2-4 business days depending on your location. 

Step 4: Receive your Mail

Electronic scanned mail will be sent via password secured e-mail. Physical mail delivery we be handled by our partners (FedEx, Estafeta or DHL) to your residential or business address within Mexico. Restriction apply for remote areas. Physical delivery typically takes 2-5 days from our Ensenada office depending on your location within Mexico. 

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